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Thursday 5.11.2009


19:00 Heavy Load: A film about happiness

Entrance 70Kc


Heavy Load are a punk outfit subject to the inflammatory mix of ego, fantasy, and desire that fuels any emerging band. They are also, uniquely, made up of musicians with and without learning disabilities, which makes the bands' survival a precarious negotiation between two different worlds: on the one hand the institutional timetable of day centres, work placements and social workers; on the other the chaotic slacker life of rehearsal rooms, studios and gigs.


21:00 ‘Sex, work and magic mushrooms’: Short films

Entrance: 60Kc

Magic Mushrooms
Inventura/2009/Czech Republic/ 8min.)

Music video for the song Mushrooms (known as White Magic Mushrooms) by Garaz. An unhappy zoo keeper falls in love with the zoo’s director, but she has already given her heart to Tony Duchaacek. A psychedelic tale comprising live action as well as animation, this short was conceived in Inventura’s own film workshop which produces original shorts every year for the festival to amuse and move.

End of the World according to the Ram

Jaroslav Plachy and Inventura/2008/CR/ 5 min.)

A reminder of last year’s festival. A part animated, part live action comic film from Inventura’s workshop, featuring festival mascots and Jaromir Plachy’s animation.

Coping Strategies
(Adam Koronka/2007/UK/26 mins.)

A bizarre and surreal film about a young man with learning disabilities trying to become independent. The film, drawing on the Monty Python and Young Ones comedic tradition, features actors from the Moment by Moment Theatre Company as well as Bill Nighy.

(Yasmin Fedda/2007/UK/11 mins.)

Artistic documentary about a Glasgow bakery where people with learning disabilities work. The film is an acoustic and visual celebration of work.

Do not cross the tracks

(Vietato Attraversare i Binari / Francesco Bussalai / 2007 / Italy/ 16mins.)

The story of a Sardinian employment agency which fights against stereotypes of people with learning disabilities, for example those on a course to become professional rescue workers. Francesco Bussalai’s film is an inspirational portrait of people on the rescue course, successful and unsuccessful.


(Stephan Lance / 2007 /Australia / 15mins / English version with simultaneous translation)

Documentary about a young Australian with Down’s syndrome who discovers the joys and pit falls of his own sexuality, a film which gently reminds us that people with learning disabilities physically mature in the same way as us.

(Inventura /2007 / CR/ 13mins.)

Would you like to know what it would mean if a girl liked Bob, and what this Bob would be? Do you confuse connections with contradictions? Do you think that people with learning disabilities are children with no interest in intimate relationships with the opposite or same sex? Come and watch this film and discover the answers.


Friday 6.11.2009


19:00 The Black Balloon 

Entrance 70Kc

(Elissa Down / 2008 / Australia, UK
/ 97 mins.)
Thomas wants nothing more than to grow up normally. However, his brother Charlie, who is autistic, frustrates him at every turn. Will Thomas, with help from his girlfriend Jackie, manage to take his brother for what he is? An engrossing, original and bittersweet story of fitting in, love and family acceptance.


21:00 We Are Normally different
Entrance: 60Kc

(Normaal zijn we anders / Susanne Engels / 2006 / Netherlands
/ 67 mins.)

“I know what I want.” These are the words of a self-confident woman with learning disabilities. She wants to fall in love, get married, have a family… but at the same time she painfully realises just how impossible some of her dreams are. Through a fine camera lens and a gentle musical soundtrack, viewers get to know the character, interests and feelings of four people with learning disabilities. Compared to their daily routines, their ambitions are only as different as we allow ourselves to think they are. What is for one person a given, for another impossible.


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