NORMAL FESTIVAL 2009 – Challenged by art

This year for the fourth time… this year’s theme is Art is work, work is art

For the fourth time Normal Festival presents the life stories and artwork of people with learning disabilities who find many of life’s tasks difficult and who were probably not able to succeed in school.

Roll down the zip of your overalls, undo your top button, get out of those tight shoes, throw off your shirt and beret and sit yourself down next to gear wheels and a band saw, which are the work clothes for this year’s Normal Festival. Soon you’ll get it that art is work and work is art.

It was people with learning disabilities who inspired this year’s theme, people who actively work in varied situations that many of us would not expect. Art is traditionally one of those and this year Normal Festival presents the best from this field, from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Film lovers can look forward to quality feature, animated and documentary films, including A Lure From Meadows (Die Heide ruft) the bold and, from a Czech point of view, controversial German documentary about sexual identity, which will be presented by its authors and protagonists. There is also an evening dedicated to Australian Adam Elliot. His Harvie Krumpet won the Oscar for best animated short film in 2003, and his full length feature, Mary and Max, is hitting Czech cinemas this year. Music lovers are catered for this year at Normal Festival more than any year before. Music meets film in the dynamic documentary about British band Heavy Load. Also on the film menu will be works by people with learning disabilities form all over the world.The main stars of the theatre part of the festival will be the actors of the Polish theatre group Teatr troche inny, who will take to the stage twice, once with Beckett, once with Kafka. Divadlo Inventura will lighten the mood with their etudy and Martin Marak’s Martian photographic portraits. Slam poet Bohdan Blahovec will also be running a workshop.

Come and do a stock check of your own assumptions about people you might not expect much from.

The Inventura festival team.



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