Kino Central, Karla IV. 774, Hradec Králové

Friday 13.11.2009

19:00 Inventura presents: Normal Festival 2009
Entrance to whole program: 90Kc.

Selection of short films from Inventura’s workshop and from the OskaBright Film Festival 2007 and 2009


(Inventura /2007 / CR/ 13mins.)

Would you like to know what it would mean if a girl liked Bob, and what this Bob would be? Do you confuse connections with contradictions? Do you think that people with learning disabilities are children with no interest in intimate relationships with the opposite or same sex? Come and watch this film and discover the answers.


About Sex…
(Bara Dlouha/ 2008/ CR/ 10mins./ Czech version with simultaneous translation to English.)

Petr and Eva are quite an ordinary couple, but they are occupied by some concerns rather extraordinary for their age. Why is no one willing to understand that they have the right to privacy and that they are not little children anymore? Let us explain it all from the beginning: a man and a woman, love, sex, children or not, that has to be thoroughly considered. A short animated film About Sex… takes those, who are often considered to be children despite their real age and therefore do not have sufficient information or education, through the pitfalls of sexuality and intimate relationships. And as for others, a little revision can do you no harm.


20:00 DVA -concert

Acoustic concert from electric duo Dva, who describe their sound as “folklore of a non-existing country” and draw influences from tango, cabaret, the circus, pop, kitchen beatbox and freakfolk.


Lester’s world exhibition

Lester Magoogan is a young man with a unique perspective on life. The world and people around him are captured in his simple but evocative line drawings, which bring a smile to the face of all who see them. To meet Lester, laugh and smile with his drawings and be imbued with his contagious love of life and bubbling personality, is an experience not to be missed. Lester’s World exhibition opens people’s eyes as to the depths of Lester’s observational drawing powers even though he cannot really read or write, and has the condition of Down’s Syndrome.

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