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Normal Festival introduces films dealing with the topic of developmental disabilities to Czech audiences. The festival takes place in Prague between November 21 and 24, 2006.

Organized and prepared by a Prague based NGO
Inventura   (“inventory check”), the festival follows the main goal of all Inventura´s activities – to work steadily on changing the public view of people with developmental disabilities, of their skills and abilities. Inventura introduces people with special needs as those who could often inspire us, members of the “normal” majority, by the way they live their lives, look at the world around us and tackle problems on everyday basis.

For four days in the art cinema Aero in Prague, the Normal Festival brings a unique collection of films telling stories of people living their lives fully despite their developmental disability. Some of the films were nominated for or awarded several international prizes. A significant part of the festival programming is dedicated to documentaries, as well as animations prepared by people with developmental disabilities.


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