Kino Aero, Biskupcova 31, Praha 3

Wednesday 4.11.2009


19.00 Inventura presents Normal Festival 09

Zdenek Bina in concert
Entrance: 100 Kč

Traditionally the opening night of the festival presents the year’s newest films from, for and about people with learning disabilities. Meet the most terrible Danish terrorist Teddy; discover what’s new in British short films. Travel through a psychedelic hell and end up in heaven while watching a video accompaniment to the Mejla Hlavsa song Houby (better known as Muchomůrky bílé by Tony Duchacek & Garage) which was produced in Inventura’s film workshop. And to reduce the temptation to get high on psychedelic stimulants, we have Zdenek Bina, who doesn’t need 5 nor 123 minutes to win over the whole hall with his singing and guitar. And not to forget food for the audience; SIMPaticka kavarna believe the way to the heart is through the stomach and will be providing refreshments all evening.


Thursday 5.11.2009


19.00 Sexy evening with the authors and protagonists of documentary  A Lure From Meadows and Doubravanek in concert.
Entrance films and debate: 80 Kč / Entrance for whole evening: 120 Kč


A Lure From Meadows

(Die Heide ruft/ Mirjam Mirwald/ 2007/Germany/60 min/German version)

 “I don’t do intercourse or oral sex. That’s a line I don’t cross so I don’t feel like a prostitute,” says one of the ‘sex guides’ in this documentary about paid sexual services for people with various types of handicap. The film tells the stories of three men with learning disabilities who use services offered by sex guides, exploring the role of sexuality in forming our identity and ideas about what is a fulfilling life in very frank fashion. There is no room for moralising or narrow-mindedness, the main message is respect. The film was incredibly well received at Normal Festival last year and so is back again, being prefaced by two shorts: About sex… (Bára Dlouhá, Kateřina Mikulcová / 2008 / CR / 10 mins. / In Czech) and Yolk (Stephen Lance / 2007 / Australia / 15 min / In English, with simultaneous translation). After the film the protagonists and makers of A Lure From Meadows will take part in a panel discussion, where no question will be considered taboo.


21.30 Doubravanek – Concert

The films which are being shown tonight are all similar that they break down stereotypes in ways that may well make some of us blush. The members of vocal/instrumental group Doubravanek do exactly the same thing, but in a musical way, though instead of changing colour, those of us of weaker disposition should count on strained stomach muscles instead.

Friday 6.11.2009

19:00 Tribute to Adam Elliot: Max and Mary, Harvie Krumpet
Entry for the film: 80Kc / Entry for whole evening: 200 Kc


Australian artist and director Adam Elliot is a supporter of people with learning disabilities. He has supported amongst others the Czech animated educational film ‘About Sex…’, which was produced by Inventura (visitors to this year’s Normal Festival can see the film on Thursday November 5th at Aero). Adam writes and directs original animated stories, two of which will be presented in this year’s Normal Festival.


Harvie Krumpet

Directed by Adam Elliot/ 2003/ Australia / 23 minutes, simultaneous translation with headphones)

Harvek Milos Krumpetzki was born in Poland in 1922. After the start of the Second World War he emigrated to Australia and changed his name to Harvie Krumpet. Harvie is a real loser: He suffers from Tourettes syndrome, a lightening strike left him without one testicle. In spite of all this he remains optimistic, he is married to a nurse and is bringing up an adopted daughter. Despite his fate and his naïve outlook he really enjoys life. Harvie Krumpet won the Oscar for best animated short in 2003.


Mary and Max

(Mary and Max/2003/Australia/89mins, simultaneous translation)

Two different characters, two different destinies and a distance of half the world connect this story about the friendship of two very different people whose only contact is through letters. Mary Daisy Dinkle, a chubby eight year old girl living in a Melbourne suburb, and Max Horowitz, an extremely obese forty-four year old Jew with Aspergers, living in vibrant New York. The film charts Mary’s correspondence and Max’s change from middle to old age and the strong bond that forms between them, which overcomes more than the typical ups and downs. Mary and Max takes us on a journey of untypical friendship which must deal with autism, taxidermy, psychiatry, alcoholism, obesity, kleptomania, sexual differences, faith, copulating dogs, religious differences, agoraphobia and many more of life’s challenges.


21:00 Normal Festival 2009 and Fake Blond Sounds present Malcolm Middleton

Entry: 200Kc


Scottish songwriter Malcolm Middleton first came to the public’s consciousness as a member of post-folk combo Arab Strap. They formed in the first half of the 1990’s and along with Belle and Sebastian were the most significant members of the post-folk scene in Glasgow. Arab Strap released six studio albums before splitting up in 2006. Middleton continued on a successful solo course writing sad and fragile songs infused with black humour. This year saw the release of the critically acclaimed LP Waxing Gibbouns. For Normal Festival, Malcolm will perform an exclusive acoustic show at Aero.




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