Anděl Café, Bezručova 7, Pilsen

Tuesday 10. 11. 2009

18.30 Echoes of the Normal Festival
Entrance: 50 Kč

The Black Balloon
(Elissa Down / 2008 / Australia, UK / 97 mins)
Thomas wants nothing more than to grow up normally. However, his brother Charlie, who is autistic, frustrates him at every turn. Will Thomas, with help from his girlfriend Jackie, manage to take his brother for what he is? Engrossing original bittersweet story of fitting in, love and family acceptance.

Magic Mushrooms
(Inventura / 2009 / Czech Republic / 8 mins)
Music video for the song Mushrooms (known as White Magic Mushrooms) by Garage. An unhappy zoo keeper falls in love with the zoo’s director, but she has already given her heart to Tony Ducháček. A psychedelic tale comprisinglive action as well as animation, this short was conceived in Inventura’s own film workshop which produces original shorts every year for the festival to amuse and move.

(Stephan Lance / 2007 / Australia / 15mins)
Documentary about a young Australian with Down’s syndrome who discovers the joys and pit falls of his own sexuality, a film which gently reminds us that people with
learning disabilities physically mature in the same way as other people .

Footnote (concert)
The band´s inspiration comes from funky, blues, latino or fusion and names like Ray Charles, A. Jobim, A. Winehouse or Jamie Cullum.

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