Fléda, Štefánikova 24, Brno

Monday 30.11.2009


18:00 Echoes of the Normal Festival
Entrance: 150Kc  


The Black Balloon
(Elissa Down / 2008 / Australia, UK / 97 mins.) and short films from Inventura.

Thomas wants nothing more than to grow up normally. However, his brother Charlie, who is autistic, frustrates him at every turn. Will Thomas, with help from his girlfriend Jackie, manage to take his brother for what he is? Engrossing original bittersweet story of fitting in, love and family acceptance.


Magic Mushrooms
(Inventura/2009/Czech Republic/ 8min.)

Music video for the song Mushrooms (known as White Magic Mushrooms) by Garaz. An unhappy zoo keeper falls in love with the zoo’s director, but she has already given her heart to Tony Duchaacek. A psychedelic tale comprising live action as well as animation, this short was conceived in Inventura’s own film workshop which produces original shorts every year for the festival to amuse and move.


About Sex…
(Bara Dlouha/ 2008/ CR/ 10mins./ Czech version with simultaneous translation to English.)

Petr and Eva are quite an ordinary couple, but they are occupied by some concerns rather extraordinary for their age. Why is no one willing to understand that they have the right to privacy and that they are not little children anymore? Let us explain it all from the beginning: a man and a woman, love, sex, children or not, that has to be thoroughly considered. A short animated film About Sex… takes those, who are often considered to be children despite their real age and therefore do not have sufficient information or education, through the pitfalls of sexuality and intimate relationships. And as for others, a little revision can do you no harm.


21:00 Kvety – album release party with concert


One of Brno’s leading alternative groups, Kvety have been together since 1993. Front man Martin E. Kyspersky best described their sound when he said “We like hip hop, old blues, noise, electronica, chansons… all these sounds are reflected in what we do.” He forgot to mention folk, country, free jazz and musical playfulness a la Jablkon. This autumn Kvety are releasing a new album which they will christen at Normal Festival.


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