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Tuesday 8.12.2009



Mary and Max


(Mary and Max/2003/Australia/89mins, simultaneous translation)


Two different characters, two different destinies and half the world connects this story about the friendship of two very different people whose only contact is through letters. Mary Daisy Dinkle, a chubby eight year old girl living in a Melbourne suburb, and Max Horowitz, an extremely obese forty-four year old Jew with Aspergers, living in vibrant New York. The film charts Mary’s correspondence and Max’s change from middle to old age and the strong bond that forms between them, which overcomes more than the typical ups and downs. Mary and Max takes us on a journey of untypical friendship which must deal with autism, taxidermy, psychiatry, alcoholism, obesity, kleptomania, sexual differences, faith, copulating dogs, religious differences, agoraphobia and many more of life’s challenges.


My little village


(Jiří Menzel / 1985 / Czechoslovakia / 98 min /  Czech)

One little village contains so many stories. We’ve all seen Otik Rakosnik, Mr Pavek, Doctor Skruzny and all the other characters a million times on TV. But when was the last time you saw them in the cinema? In 1985? Come after 24 years and celebrate Menzel’s brilliant direction and Janos Ban’s unbeatable performance as Otik in our retro evening. All Wednesday evening we’ll be celebrating the best of Czech and world cinema focussed on people who are a little slower, have problems orientating in the world and who were not the best at school.

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