At Normal Festival, we present the stories of people for whom some things are more difficult and take more time, who have hard time finding their bearings in the world around them and who were probably not the best in their class. Their life stories are entertaining, thrilling, funny, moving, but most of all, inspiring.

The festival brings together feature films, animated films, documentaries, theatre plays and art exhibitions about, by and for people with learning disabilities. We believe that the art we will be presenting has both informational and artistic value. Art should never make us feel pity for an author who seems disadvantaged to us. However original, experimental and groundbreaking it is, it should let us respect the artist's personality, no matter if we praise or criticise his/her work.

The Normal Festival shows professional art dedicated to lives of people with learning disabilities, as well as art made by them. This art was brought to life by dedicated work of individuals or small groups who showcased their talents in one of the needed skills (original story, screenwriting, cinematography, sound and music design, acting, drawing, painting etc.) and worked on their projects for a considerable amount of time. They were supported in their efforts by a tutoring team of professionals and the outcomes of this work convey the authors' personal artistic expression.

We refuse to show films where unprofessional "non-actors" with learning disabilities act, wearing funny costumes, and no serious artistic work is being done. We admit that the people could have enjoyed shooting such a "film" and enjoyed feeling like a "star" but we believe this type of films is much closer to misusing people than to art.

Come to the Normal Festival and you will see that people with learning disabilities are no chronic children who are always happy and care for fairy tales. Many of them are talented artists who, like artists without learning disabilities, need tutorial support and critics to develop their talent continually. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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