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Images of the People with Learning Disabilities

A seminar for NGO's and journalists on the representation of the people with learning disabilities in the media. 
Monday, November 12, 10.00 am to 2.00 pm, Roxy/NoD Experimental Space, Dlouhá 33, Praha 1
The event connects the world of social workers who work with people with learning disabilities with the world of media and art, namely film. When working with the handicapped, it is important not only to know how to communicate with them, but also how to communicate about them. The seminar will present several examples and interactive excersises, during which the participants can take a look behind the scenes of the media and try out to communicate effectively about the topic. The seminar is led by the Inventura tutors. Admission is free, in case of interest please contact us at info@inventura.org.

The Autumn in Motion

Animation workshop that brings the people together
Monday, November 12, 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm, Roxy/NoD Experimental Space, Dlouhá 33, Praha 1
Led by the animation artist Kateřina Mikulcová and in cooperation with the participants of the ongoing Inventura film course, the seminar will let the visitors try for themselves how objects, paper and drawing can be animated. The topic of the day is Autumn and the seminar will result in an animated short with contributions from all participants. Admission is free, in case of interest please contact us at info@inventura.org.

The Not-Normals in Czech Cinema

A discussion with Czech film and television insiders
Wednesday, November 14, 4 pm, Aero Cinema, Biskupcova 31, Praha 3
An informal debate on how the contemporary film and television production represents people that stand out of the „normal“ and that we could call mentally handicapped. The discussion will feature film and TV clips and an occasional foray into the past. Admission is free.

The Rules Of Attraction

An experience with the Canadian documentary director Paul Nadler
Friday, November 16, 5.00 pm, Na Prádle Theatre, Besední 3, Praha 1
Tickets: 50 Kč
Ten years ago, Paul Nadler had been an up and coming TV director, adreline sports enthusiast and a ladies man. Then he was found in a coma on a road in Egypt. He had no clothes nor IDs and his brain suffered a severe damage in a car crash. The documentary Paul Nadler shot about himself tells the story of his journey from a „motionless body“ to regained self-consciousness. He strived to continue the life as he had lived it before the car crash, but could not fully succeed. He finds it especially hard to start new relationships and understand the nuanced way of communication within these relationships. He wants to share his experience through a theatrical performace and discussion with a specialist and the audience, and to show how easily one's life can change. There is a limited capacity for the workshop, reservations can be made at info@inventura.org.
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