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Josef Fojt's Art Brut

November 9 – November 24, The Club at Jelení, Jelení 196/15, Praha 1
An exhibition of storyboards and drawings by one of the Inventura film course participants. It is art brut, the art of a man who may be considered strange and different from the rest of the society. Josef Fojt has had no more than elementary schooling and still has problems in the ordinary life, which he has to cope with on his own, because his parents died years ago. Josef often escapes the reality into the world of film, theatre and art and is an artist himself. The exhibition shows the storyboards of his latest film and other drawings.

A Tribute to a Projectionist

November 2007, Aero Cinema lobby, Biskupcova 31, Praha 3
For more that 40 years, Antonín Arnold has worked in a village cinema in Nučice as a projectionist, janitor and PR manager. The cinema is his life. As a young kid, he used to help his father, who managed the cinema before him. In the 60's, he used to paint original film posters to, in his own words, „attract the audience“. In the time of multiplex cinemas and DVD players, the cinema in Nučice can survive only thanks to the support of the local authorities and Mr. Arnold's undying zeal and passion. The exhibition features a number of hand-painted posters by Mr. Arnold, period posters and other materials documenting the cinema's history. This year's festival jingle is also a tribute to Antonín Arnold.

Normal Festival: Echoes

The best films of this year's Normal Festival can be enjoyed even in other parts of the country during the Normal Festival Echoes screenings. These will take place at the Fléda Cinema in Brno on November 19-20 and also in Nitra, Slovakia as a part of the film club organised by o.z. Vertigo.
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