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Diagnosis: Desire

(Director: Viera Dubačová, dramaturge: Katarína Mrázková, choreographer: Peter Vrťo, music: Peter Vaňouček).
Monday, November 12, 7.00 pm, Roxy/NoD Experimental Space, Dlouhá 33, Praha 1
Tickets: 100 Kč (students: 70 Kč)

A theatrical performance by the Divadlo z Pasáže theatre company. There are five seemingly disconnected stories, in which adults confront themselves not only with the world around them but also with the childhood, that they have lived through, but are still pushed back to. The name of the play therefore symbolises the desire of the grown-up NON-children to live their own, adult life with everything it brings along. Divadlo z Pasáže is the only Slovak professional theatre in Slovakia that works with people with learning disabilities. Thanks to many years of thoughtful training, their acting is so good that the audience often forgets about the actors' handicaps – and when they realize and think back, a unique catharsis follows.

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