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Born Dead

Wednesday, November 14, 10.00 am, Aero Cinema, Biskupcova 31, Praha 3
Tickets: 30 Kč
(Jacek Blawut / 2004 / Poland / 53 min, Polish with English subtitles)
Robert is 23 and he has been in prison since he was fifteen. He spends some of his time participating in a rehabilitation program Duet, in which he assists mentaly handicapped children. Initially nervous and unreliable, Robert slowly gets used to his work at the centre and develops an original approach to the children. During the interviews with Robert, the director contrasts the two worlds he lives in: the cold prison cell and the loud and lively world at the centre. The film won the Don Quixote Award at the 2004 Krakov film festival.
Following the screening, there will be a discussion of the film with experts on psychology and mental handicaps and with professional artists working with mentally handicapped people. In case of interest, please contact us at info@inventura.org.

Braindamadj’d...Take II

Thursday, November 15, 10.00 am, Aero Cinema, Biskupcova 31, Praha 3 
Tickets: 30 Kč
(Paul Nadler / 2006 / Canada / 50 min, English and French with English subtitles)
Ten years ago, Paul Nadler had been an up and coming TV director, adreline sports enthusiast and a ladies man. Then he was found in a coma on a road in Egypt. He had no clothes nor IDs and his brain suffered a severe damage in a car crash. The documentary Paul Nadler shot about himself tells the story of his journey from a „motionless body“ to regained self-consciousness and his desire to go on with the life and career he had had before the crash. Both the film's story and visuals are highly original and it won several awards at festivals all over the world.
The screening will be followed by a discussion with the director Paul Nadler. In case of interest please contact us at info@inventura.org.
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