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Normal Festival regulation
November 12 – November 16, 2007

1. Objective
The Normal Festival is an international film festival focusing on films about people with learning disabilities. The films can be made by professional filmmakers or by people with learning disabilities. It is held annually in November in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. This year the main topic of the festival is the partner life and sexuality of people with learning disabilities.

2. Date & Place

The second edition of the Normal festival will take place in Prague from November 12 to November 16 2007, at various locations and cinemas in the center of Prague. Its primary venue is the Aero cinema (kino Aero).

3. Program
3.1 Festival Sections
There are no special sections, accepted are:
- Feature films
- Documentary films in various length
- Animation films in various length
- Experimental films in various length
The Festival also organizes official accompanying events, such as photo exhibits, concerts, workshops, discussion forums and parties.
3.2 Competition
  Normal Festival does not have any competition.
The Festival holds the right to withdraw the invitation by October 15, 2007 if any film does not fulfill the conditions listed below.
The Festival pays screening fees for films
The Festival covers costs for shipping the source print / tape to the Festival.
The Festival requests the materials mentioned in the article 5 no later than September 3, 2007.
If the film is not in English, there should be English subtitles imprinted on the screening medium or dialogue sheet (dialogue sheet is requested also when the film is in English).
3.4 Screening
Screening format: 35 mm, BetaSP PAL, DVCAM, DVD
All the films at the Festival will be shown at one (1) or two (2) screenings during the festival, with a possibility of an additional screening for the press until the end of the festival
3.5 Subtitling
Films will normally be screened in their original language version. Films in languages other than English or Czech must have subtitles in English imprinted on the screening format and dialogue sheets (dialogue sheet is requested also when the film is in English). The festival will provide Czech simultaneous interpretation for all films.

4. Submission
Normal Festival receives submissions until September 3, 2007 (post-marked). All submitted films will be notified of the final results of the festival selection process by October 3, 2007.
A copy of the film on DVD and a completed form of technical information (Entry Form) must be submitted for consideration.

5. Materials for Selected Films
For each film for Normal Festival 2007, the festival requests the following materials (to be sent before together with the application):
• Press kit or electronic press kit (EPK) in English, if available
• Two (2) still photos of the film and one (1) photo of the director (300 dpi. Approximate minimum size 10 cm x 20cm)
• Completed Film Entry Form
• A copy of the film DVD  in English or with English subtitles
• A full dialogue list (transcription) and if relevant also in the original language
• Other effective promotional materials (Posters, Postcards, Soundtrack, etc.), if available

6. Shipping/Insurance
The mailing costs of other materials for the Festival (noted in Article 5) should be paid by the distributor or the producer / director of the film.
Two-way freight cost for each film print will be at the expense of the Festival.
The Festival will not be responsible for any extra cost apart from the freight cost of the source print / tape, including import-export custom charges for prints in the country of origin.

7. Mailing Address
Normal Festival – o.s. Inventura
Korunni 62
120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 775 133 561
E-mail: info@inventura.org, alexandra@inventura.org
URL: www.normalfest.cz

8. Deadline
The source print / tape, specified and requested materials, and official completed entry form must arrive at the festival before the following deadlines:
Deadline for submission: September 3, 2007 (Post-marked)
Deadline for the screening medium (film prints / tapes): November 1, 2007

Download entry form (.doc)
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