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The second edition of Normální festival (The Normal Festival) will take place from November 12 to November 16 2007 in the Prague’s cinema Aero and in the experimental space Roxy NoD. The Normal Festival introduces films dealing with the topic of learning disabilities to Czech audiences. Visitors can look forward to seeing interesting feature films and documentaries as well as films made by people with learning disabilities (for example five short films made by participants of Inventura’s courses of filmmaking).

Like the first edition, this year‘s Normal festival follows the main goal of all Inventura´s activities – to work steadily on changing the public view of people with learning disabilities, of their skills and abilities. Inventura introduces people with learning disabilities as those who can often inspire us, members of the “normal” majority, by the way they live their lives, look at the world around us and tackle problems on everyday basis.

The Normal Festival 2007 is not only about films and filmmaking though. On November 12 Inventura will hold a seminar on representations of people with learning disabilities in art and media and later that day the Slovak Theatre From The Passage (the only Slovak professional theatre whose actors and actresses have learning disabilities) will perform one of its plays in Roxy NoD.

The festival will be also accompanied by other events: 1) Exhibition Art Brut Josefa Fojta (drawings and storyboards of animated films made by one of the participants of Inventura’s film-making courses), 2) Exhibition of paintings in the Aero cinema (portraits of ideal partners painted by people with learning disabilities), 3) Exhibition of hand-drawn posters „A Tribute To One Cinéphil“ in the Svìtozor cinema, 4) Opening concert of Jiøí Schmitzer, 5) a seminar and a panel discussion for film and media professionals on the history and present of representing people with learning disabilities in art and pouplar culture.

The exact program of the festival (especially its film part) is still "under construction". You will find the most up-to-date information on this website. l
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