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Forrest Gump, Rainman, Nikifor, Georges ..... We all know them and we like them. These film characters might have some troubles with orientation in everyday life and their grades at school probably weren´t the best but we see them as unique personalities and we took them in affection for their authenticity and their particular life stories. We know their strengths and weaknesses and we can understand why somebody makes films about them. They are a little funny and a little touching but mainly they are an inspiration for us.

Inventura (in English „inventory check“) is a Prague based NGO, founded in November 2005. We aim our activities at people who are a little slower in learning things, which seem obvious to other people, at people who might have difficulty taking their bearings in the world and in their closest environment. These people are usually labeled by the others as mentally disabled, retarded, substandardly intelligent or, to be more politically correct, as people with developmental disabilities.

People in Inventura want to use their energy in favour of people with developmental disabilities who haven´t starred in a movie yet but who have their particular names and life stories anyway. All the people working for Inventura share the idea that every one of us has some handicap, some weakness which he/she doesn´t want to be seen. But, no matter what handicaps we try to hide, we still have the right to be perceived as quality and unique human beings. And so do people with developmental disabilities. We shouldn´t dispute their rights to do things on their own, in thier own way. They are able to do much.

It would be nice if one day we could find as many inspiratory, funny and touching details in these people as we can find in our favourite film characters. Film plays an important role for Inventura in general (for more details see Our Activities section). Through film we learn and explain to others that our friends with developmental disabilities offer us an immense inspiration and much new experience. If we expect too little from them, it is above all a pity for us.



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